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Mod. [ 22 01 05 06:13 am ]


Wow guys.. don't all comment/post at once =\

This community is completely dead.. can you guys promote some more? We really need it.

inner beauty

[ 20 01 05 08:59 pm ]

[ mood | worried ]

im so sorry! i forgot to link it!

inner beauty

[ 20 01 05 07:32 pm ]

[ mood | sore ]

Name: emily
Age: 14 in 5 days
Grade: 8/9 (i dont go to a regular school)
Sex: female
Sexuality: staright
Describe yourself physically: i have blonde hair and eyes that change between gree, blue, and grey. i'm about 5'7. dont know what else.
Describe yourself mentally: i have the biggest moods swings. i can be in tears one minute, and cracking up next. i believe that not a day should go by where the world is not better because you are alive, so i do a lot of volunteering. i put my friends before myself, and am a big advice/ shoulder to lean on, sometimes at my own expense but i dont care. i'm really into my music.

(fill in as much as possible)

01. nirvana
02. something corporate
03. brand new
04.taking back sunday
05. pink floyd
06. led zepplin

07. the strokes
08.  beatles

01. fight club
02. thirteen
03. the matrix
04. the ring
05. garden state

01. go ask alice
02. lovely bones
03. harry potter series. (im a dork, i know.)

Opinion Time:
What do you think of...
[pick three out of the six topics and write what you feel about them]

Gay Marriage: totally and completely for it. we all are equal, no matter our sexual preference. the government sure as hell shouldnt be able to control us like that. these people sincerely love eachother and that should be enough.

Abortion: oh god theres it's so paradoxal and confusing. first, i believe the government shouldnt be able to control our decisions. on the other hand, i dont believe that you should end life before it begins. if you really cant take care of a kid, you shouldnt have been so irresponsible as to get pregnant in the first place and you shouldnt kill something for your own good. you're never going to learn, if everytime you mess up, you can get away with it. give the kid up for adoption. however, i have a friend who was adopted and she has problems feeling like she was unwanted. i dont know how that feels but it must be horrible. i still think it's better to have the kid be alive. i cant imagine not knowing her, because my life would be so different. but when you think about it, you dont know who could have been alive that you'll never know about. your life could be so different. scary. sorry if that made no sense. the only time i totally believe in abortion is when it's rape. but i do believe that we should be able to choose, i just dont think it's the right desicion. 

Drugs / Alcohol: first off, drugs are exceedingly stupid. you put chemicals into your body and really hurt yourself. sure, its fun, but the consequenses arent worth it. not that i'm knocking it, i havent tried them, and it is a personal desicion. just, i have seen so many people get hurt from them. alcohol can be ok as long as you dont go crazy and be stupid.

Random Questions:
One amazing thing you have always wanted to do: kiss in the rain. since thats stupid, i'll put another one. ride on horses through new mexico. go backpacking through europe. go help out in africa. go skydiving. go bungee jumping. sorry, i cant pick!

Favorite thing about a member of the opposite sex/same sex (depending on your sexuality): eyes.

Favorite quality in your best friend: i can be myself.

If you could meet someone from the past or present, who would it be? hitler, so i could have killed him before he did all that stuff.

Where did you hear about us? jacs lj

What do you like about the community? you guys dont just care about looks

What is your favorite feature about yourself? my eyes i guess

Please promote our community in one other place & show the link:

Two or more CLEAR pictures of yourself: sorry i only have one.. because i dont have a digital camera. im really sorry! but jac knows what i look like and alexandra too i think? sorry guys

A 100x100 picture of yourself for the info. aah sorry i dont have one!

2 inner beauty

STAMPED // ?? [ 17 01 05 04:59 pm ]
the effects of being groundedCollapse )

im a queer. i know.
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Stamped// Pictures [ 13 01 05 05:51 pm ]

I had a little fun with my camera when it was really warm outside...Enjoy ♥

+12Collapse )
2 inner beauty

[ 13 01 05 05:36 pm ]

Hi!Collapse )</font>
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stamped. [ 12 01 05 06:24 pm ]

[ mood | hungry ]

im sorry guys. im going to be grounded for getting caught drinking.
ill be a little unactive for 2 weeks.
ill update as much as possible.

please keep me around.

i love you all.



hers the pc you guys can use for the whole 100x100 thingy. i dont no how to resize pics. but heres the one i want resized.. can you uys do it for my comp. retarded butt?Collapse )

inner beauty

[ 11 01 05 11:12 pm ]
gaz..?Collapse )
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Mod. [ 11 01 05 03:36 pm ]

Could I possibly have a 100x100 picture of all those accepted for the user info? Leave it in a comment for me.

&& Please promote a lot. We are lacking in applications.

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look what youve done youve made a fool out of everyone. [ 11 01 05 02:49 pm ]

[ mood | happy ]

the application....Collapse )

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stamped. [ 08 01 05 10:39 pm ]

I went piccrazy tonight with my digicam. so i apologize if this post takes a while to load. but i do love pics<3 ha does it make me conceited if i like to make prints of my own pics of myself? weeee.
lots of lovely picturesCollapse )
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[ 08 01 05 01:04 pm ]

ApplicationCollapse )
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application. [ 07 01 05 05:16 pm ]

applicationCollapse )
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[ 07 01 05 04:36 pm ]


Welcomeeeeeeeeeee (:

Please look at the rules & stuff.

First five are auto accepted! <3

IM me w/ any questions - jacqu7100.

inner beauty

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